Getting tested for Covid is a social good. It only makes sense for governments to help pay for it.

Jwslubbock for Wikimedia Commons

The NFL is one of the biggest juggernauts in American culture. Madden helped make it that way.

Box art for Madden 2004

Videoconferencing has taken over the world. It might be time for the world to push back.

Twitter’s new media policy will require it to decide when something is in ‘the public interest.’ Challenges abound.

Photo: pchoui via Getty / iStock

The University of Florida prohibited two of its professors from testifying in a voting rights case

Daniel Schudli for Unsplash

James Surowiecki

I’m the author of The Wisdom of Crowds. I’ve been a business columnist for Slate and The New Yorker and written for a wide range of other publications.

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