Covid restrictions may feel permanent. Denmark’s experience shows they don’t need to be.

Jerome Powell is the most worker-friendly Fed chairman in memory. So why do so many progressives want him out?

Employers across the country are requiring workers to stop procrastinating and get vaccinated. And that’s exactly what workers are doing.

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The debt ceiling should simply be abolished as it serves no actual purpose

Martin Sanchez for Unsplash

Congress Keeps Giving Presidents Too Much Power. Time to Take Some of It Back.

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Florida avoided the worst of the Covid pandemic for more than a year. So what happened this summer?

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The Covid-19 vaccines work. So why are we planning to give fully vaccinated people a third dose?

Unvaccinated people are at greater risk of getting sick, and of getting others sick as well. Why isn’t that risk reflected in their insurance premiums?

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Covid vaccines are incredibly effective. The media’s overhyping of new research from the CDC is making people think otherwise.

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James Surowiecki

I’m the author of The Wisdom of Crowds. I’ve been a business columnist for Slate and The New Yorker and written for a wide range of other publications.

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